Senior Emirati Executives

UAE national development:
A strategic approach

Etihad Airways

Mohammed Al Bulooki

Chief Operating Officer

“UAE nationals play a key role in the Etihad Aviation Group because of their understanding of the region and the challenges that we continuously face. Their understanding of where to increase revenue and reduce cost is key. As our Emiratisation initiatives have grown progressively over the years, today we see the benefits by having more and more of our Emirati leaders across the globe and in stations serving our guests.”

Etihad Airways

Khaled Almehairbi

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Etihad Airport Services Ground – Abu Dhabi Hub

“With its strategic focus on offering dynamic career and development opportunities to Emiratis to work in the aviation sector, the Etihad Aviation Group has placed strong emphasis on increasing UAE national representation in the hub. UAE nationals now work in all areas of the hub and are committed to delivering the best customer service for guests of Etihad Airways and other airlines, along with high standards of security.”


Etihad Airways

Hareb Al Muhairy

Senior Vice President, UAE and GCC Sales

“Etihad Aviation Group is one of the leading commercial entities in the UAE and is always proud to boost the Emiratisation scheme across the country. Through our innovative Emiratisation programme, we continue to work hard to develop a skilled and qualified cadre of Emirati as we recognise the vital role in the ongoing development and running of our nation.

“The expertise of our national staff is crucial to the growth of our group. It is part of our strategy to attract and develop top Emirati talent for key roles in our expansion, especially those who have shown exceptional performance and made a positive impact on our business in some of the most important markets worldwide.”

Etihad Airways

Captain Salah Awadh Alfarajalla

Senior Vice President, Security and National Pilot Development

“As the Etihad Aviation Group races towards the future, its UAE National Development Strategy continues to be at the cornerstone  of its plans. Developing UAE nationals and offering them rewarding career paths in this relatively new industry in the UAE is one of our top priorities. Our strategy ensures we develop aviation specific expertise with the aim of building future generations of skilled Emirati pilots, engineers, aviation scientists and professionals. It also ensures we equip our Emirati workforce with the right workplace skills and empower them to reach their full potential.”   

Etihad Airways

Ahmed Al Qubaisi

Senior Vice President, Government and International Affairs

“UAE nationals are at the heart of Abu Dhabi's vision to become a major economic world force. In line with this vision, our Emiratisation strategy aims to empower Emiratis at all levels of the Group. While lauding our success at a macro level, I have made it a personal mission to ensure its realization at the micro level as well.”